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About Us

We have invested in the latest gutter-cleaning technology, the GutterVac Cleaning System. This system is very safe, adaptable and reliable.

Our system revolutionizes the method in which gutters are cleaned. Using pole mounted vacuums we can easily reach and clean up to 40 feet (approx. 4 storey buildings) without the expense of scaffold towers or the danger of ladders.

WE Clean and Maintain your Gutters to the highest standards, clearing your gutters safely and efficiently, we do this from the ground using our powerful GutterVac Cleaning System.

All our gutter engineers are fully insured and trained to work up to 4 storeys. Anything taller will require scaffolding or cherry picker hire.

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We can reach those hard to access places

We do gutter cleaning from the ground using a powerful vacuum with long rigid poles


Large or small conservatories are no obstacle

Conservatories are no obstacle with our gutter cleaning system we can reach over them with ease.


Commercial properties welcome

We use our system in all areas of industry from schools, Offices, Apartments

What We Offer

  • Gutters cleared (with digital photos)

  • Gutters, Soffits & Fascais cleaned

  • Gutter/Roof Surveys

  • Free, Fast, no Obligation Quote

  • All minor Gutter repairs included

  • Small Home Repairs

  • Plumbing By qualified plumber

  • All work guaranteed

  • Fully insured and trained staff

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