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When Is the Best Time to Clean Gutters? Spring, Autumn, or More?

If you have gutters on your home, it’s imperative to professionally clean your gutters. However, as with most things in life, timing is of the essence. While having clean gutters is better than no gutter cleaning and clogged down pipes, there are certain times of the year that are more opportune and strategic to clean your gutters.

At The Gutters Guy, we specialise in keeping your gutter system clean and properly functioning. As our name suggests, we offer expert gutter cleaning services as well as a host of gutter repair, gutter installation, and additional home improvement solutions.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at The Gutters Guy is “When is the best time to clean my gutter system?” Although there are few one-size-fits-all solutions, there are two times of the year when it’s extremely important to clean your gutters: spring and Autumn. 

However, this isn’t the be-all and end-all for gutter cleaning. The number of times your gutters should be cleaned will be based on several key factors, including the number of trees around your home. 

Spring and Autumn gutter cleans should be the bare minimum. Let’s take a closer look at the best times to clean gutters and how you can reduce your number of cleanings. 

Clean Your Gutters & Down pipes Before Spring!

One of the best times to clean your gutters of pine needles(if you have pine trees nearby) and other debris in early spring.

Clean Your Gutters to Get Rid of Remaining Debris

On one hand, choosing to clean your gutters in early spring can alleviate some of the debris from the blistering winter. Winter can be extremely harsh for all people and structures involved.

And your gutter system usually takes the brunt of the blow from the environment. Over the winter months, twigs, branches, acorns from oak trees, leaves, grime, and gunk can accumulate in your gutters.

Scheduling professional cleaning of your gutters can remove any remaining autumn leaves that could cause clogged gutters and much more expensive problems when the spring showers set in

Prevent Spring Water Damage with Regular Cleaning

By now, you’ve heard the sentiment that spring showers bring May flowers, right? The first part of this saying underscores the importance of homeowners cleaning all the leaves and debris from their gutters before spring.

Simply put, cleaning your gutters in early spring can help prepare the gutter system for the heavy rains that are often common during this time of the year. This can help ensure your gutters are functioning properly, protecting your home, and channelling all that water away from your house.

As a result, when you’re making your spring cleaning checklist, make sure to include services for your gutters. It can prevent significant damage and prevent mould from infesting your house.

Fall in Line with Autumn Gutter Cleaning

The second cleaning of your gutters will usually be an autumn gutter clean. As with everything in life, time is of the essence.

Late Autumn May Be the Best Time to Clean Gutters

While some may suggest cleaning the gutters in early autumn, it’s best to wait until all leaves are down or nearly down. This maximises the efficiency and impact of cleaning your gutters in the autumn season while helping keep gutters clean throughout the winter. 

If you do decide to clean your gutters in early autumn, you may be required to clean the gutters again once all leaves have fallen.

Winter Is Coming …Ice Dams Too

Contrary to popular belief, the risk of clogged gutters does not stop once leaves start and finish falling off trees. If you fail to clean your gutters before winter, all of this debris, excess moisture and water sitting in the gutters will freeze.

Once this happens, extra melting snow will have nowhere to go, which means it can seep through your roof and walls to cause significant water damage. Without a suitable place to drain, the water can freeze to cause ice dams.

While ice dams may be pretty, they can cause a host of additional problems:

  • Sagging gutters,
  • Roof damage
  • Excess water damage
  • Failing hardware,
  • And more

However, you can reduce the likelihood of this unfavourable scenario by ensuring you have your gutters cleaned.

Autumn Cleaning & Spring Cleaning…That’s All Right?

Once you have the standard spring and autumn gutter cleaning schedule down, you should have the bases covered…right? As with anything and everything, there are caveats.

And if you live in an area surrounded by green oak trees or any other type of tree, it’s much more likely you will need to clean your gutters and down pipes more often. Mainly this is due to the fact that more trees are more likely to clog your gutter system and down pipes.

In fact, those who have a lot of pine trees or any other type of tree with needles may need to clean the gutters at least three to four times every year. On the other hand, if you have beautiful trees with gorgeous blossoms, you may even need an additional spring gutter cleaning.

How a Rainwater Collection System Benefits Your Lawn and Garden

The collection of rain for purposes of irrigation is an ancient practice, encountered across many cultures. The earliest rain water collection systems can be traced back to 3000 BC in modern-day India. Ancient Romans also collected rainwater and created reservoirs and underground tanks to store it in. In more recent history, however, rainwater collection has become less prevalent due to the development of modern municipal plumbing systems. But just because this practice isn’t as popular as it once was doesn’t mean you should discount the idea of rainwater collection. 

Collecting excess rainwater is an effective, easy way to maintain a sustainable landscape, whether it be in your garden or front lawn. Here’s how:


The roof of a 1,000-square-foot home sheds an average of 600 gallons of water per inch of hourly rainfall. A rain collection system can catch and store up to 80 percent of this water to be used later on for irrigation. While there are a number of different rainwater collection systems, the basic idea behind all of them is the same—a storage vessel or diverter is placed below the down pipes of your gutter system to catch water before it reaches the ground. As such, implementing a rainwater collection system will reduce the demand on your existing water supply.


Rainwater is free of chlorination and other chemical treatments. While these treatments are necessary for our consumption (they kill off bacteria that are harmful to our health), some plants can be sensitive to them. Rainwater will also be free of many of the pollutants that is found in tap water. As such, rainwater is ideal for watering your lawn and garden.


Finally, a rainwater collection system minimizes the impact of erosion and surface water runoff on your landscape. When the water is redirected into the collection system, it is less likely to erode or damage your plants and lawn.

Want to learn more about how easy it is to start harvesting rainwater from your gutter system? Contact us online or give us a call on 07742736285!

4 Reasons to Invest in Roof Cleaning

Most people do not consider roof cleaning a home maintenance priority. Other tasks that don’t require a ladder feel more urgent. However, not only does a clean roof increase curb appeal, but it also extends the structure’s life.

Plus, it reduces the chance of paying for costly roofing repairs. Here are four reasons you should invest in roof cleaning.

1. It Removes Leaves and Debris

Roof washing helps prevent build-ups of leaves in your gutters. This is especially important in Autumn. When they’re clogged, they can’t drain water away properly. This risks water damage. Having overflowing gutters is also just an unpleasant experience – it can change the gentle sound of rain outdoors into an irritating dripping noise.

2. It Increases Curb Appeal

Of course, you want the exterior of your house to look just as lovely as the interior. Having a clean roof will improve the appearance of the whole outside of your home, and whether you’re planning on selling it or want it to look nice, you’ll be delighted with the results when the job is done.

3. It Extends the Lifespan of Your Roof

Another significant benefit of roof washing is that it will extend its lifespan. Clean roofs equal less maintenance and repairs, which equals less money. Plus, having it cleaned often will also allow you to catch problems early, meaning you can prevent severe damage from developing.

The equipment used at The Gutters Guy ensures that every part of the structure is cleaned to the best of its ability. From stain removal to general freshening up, this higher standard of cleaning ensures your roof can last longer.

4. It Prevents Moss and Algae Growth

While you may not think that moss and algae growth is much of a big deal, it’s a creeping hazard. It can cause severe issues for your structure.

Both substances hold moisture against your roof, which can cause leaks and rot if left to grow or not cleaned. It can also make your home look unkempt – think about that curb appeal!

Have Your Roof Cleaned By Professionals

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Signs Your Commercial Gutters Need to Be Replaced

When you think of rain gutters, do you think of commercial buildings? It is typical for most people to think of residential homes when they think of gutters. However, commercial buildings need them too. In fact, rain and water damage can affect a commercial building just as much as they can a home. Therefore, commercial gutter services are necessary when the gutters are not doing their job properly. The following are five warning signs that your commercial rain gutters are on their last legs.

If you notice your gutters fall under any of these following signs, call a professional to have them inspected before it’s too late.

Paint Peeling

Peeling paint is not only an eye sore, but it is also a clue that there is probably a leak in your gutters. Gutter paint is designed to endure the typical wear and tear that gutters encounter, so unless your gutters are old, something is not right. Moisture can cause paint to peel; therefore, you probably have a leak somewhere.

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Cracks or Splits

Having a crack in your gutters is like trying to keep water in a bucket with a hole in it. It doesn’t work. If you see any cracks, even small ones, they need to be repaired. Small cracks can turn into big ones, especially in regions that experience freezing temperatures. If the cracks appear to be beyond repair, then it is time to call a professional and have your gutters replaced.

Mould or mildew
Gutters are designed to keep water away from the foundation of your commercial building. This means there should not be any mould and mildew due to moisture around your foundation. If you notice pools of water or mould and mildew around the foundation, then your gutters are not draining properly, and something is wrong.

Your gutters should be securely fastened to your building. If they seem to be pulling away and sagging, they are probably full of water and very heavy. About 600 gallons of water can be collected on the average roof with just one inch of rain. This means that one-eighth of an inch of rain is enough to fill a 54-gallon rain barrel. Even if you only get a little bit of rain, your gutters could be holding a lot of water. Sagging indicates that there is a clog and water cannot get out, or the gutters are damaged in some other way.

Water marks
Finally, if you notice water marks on your commercial building directly underneath the gutters, then they are most likely leaking and not functioning the way they should be.

If you see any of these warning signs on your commercial property, then there’s a potential for serious damage that will cost you a lot of money. Make sure you take advantage of commercial gutter services to ensure that your roof gutters are always in tip-top shape. Not only will they function better, but they will also look better to the customers who see them, too.

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Common Gutter Problems

A home’s gutter system is very important as it serves as a way to direct water away from the foundation of the home. Keeping a home’s foundation in good shape is top priority in order to maintain or increase the value and prevent any long-term complications. 

Gutters need to be kept in good condition in order to keep water from pooling around the foundation of a home. Regular maintenance can help to avoid any costly repairs in the future. Here are some common problems (and easy fixes) that can occur with a home’s gutter system:


One of the most common reasons that a gutter system may fail is because they have become clogged. When gutters become clogged, they are no longer capable of properly draining water which can mean leaks within the roof, walls or foundation of the home. Properly cleaning the gutters from any debris such as leaves, twigs or animal nests can help to ensure that it can perform properly. For the best results, it is recommended to clean the gutters twice a year. Debris occurs most when the seasons begin to change. Routine maintenance during the late fall and early spring can be beneficial in ensuring that the gutters remain unclogged.


The most common cause of sagging gutters is clogging that comes from debris, leaves, pine needles and other material. As mentioned before, clogged gutters prevent water from flowing down to the downspouts and can cause water accumulation. This can greatly affect the foundation of a home.

Another reason for sagging gutters is if they have a break in the way that they are attached to the home or if they were improperly installed. A gutter system is held to the roof using either hangers, brackets or long spikes. If these break it can cause the gutters to sag and can be extremely problematic. Sagging gutters can cause serious water damage over time as water overflows to the side of the home and causes leaking.

Routine maintenance cleaning can help to avoid sagging gutters; however, it’s best to first determine the reason for the sagging. If the issue is due to the hardware that secures the gutters to the house, an easy fix can be to tighten or replace the screws that hold it together. The good news is that sagging gutters can be a quick fix, but it can be best to reach out to an expert for their professional advice on why it’s happening and the proper way to fix the problem.

It can be easy to overlook a home’s gutter’s but they are one of the most important tools in keeping the home in great shape. Without a properly working drainage system there are a number of problems that can occur inside and outside of a home. 

If you are seeing problems with your home’s gutter system, we are here to help! Contact The Gutters Guy today or call 077742736585 for more information on how we can help with any repair or maintenance on your home’s gutter system!

Why Gutters are Important to Your Lawn & Garden

Now that the warmer months are here it’s time to work on your summer landscape and summer garden! A variety of things can affect the health of your garden, including your gutters and most do not realize how gutters can impact your garden for better and for worse!

If your gutter system has been improperly installed or hasn’t been properly maintained, it can cause major problems not only to your home but also to your garden. If the gutters are clogged for any reason, excess water can run over into your garden, causing a muddy mess! 


Rainwater is a good thing for a garden or yard but if there is any excess pooling due to issues with your gutters, it can cause damage to your plants. Overflow from the gutters can mean potential danger for your garden! Overflow occurs, especially during heavy rainfall when the gutters are clogged. If your garden is close to your house, the large amounts of water can dump on to the plants and drown them. 

Plants breathe through their roots and when there is too much water, they start to suffocate and die off. Too much water drowns the roots and can prevent them from forming deep, healthy systems while starving the soil of oxygen. 

 Damage to the garden happens when you fail to keep your gutters clean and clear of leaves and other debris which is why it’s best to keep up with routine maintenance.  It is easy to prevent the potential dangers that gutters may have on your garden when your gutters are clean and clear of any debris. 


Rainwater from the gutters can be beneficial for a garden but if clogged, natural waste from birds or other small animals can get into the down pipe and contaminate the water. When this water seeps into the ground, it can carry bacteria that are harmful to the plant’s roots. Contaminated water can cause plants to discolour, become stunted, grow irregularly or even die. 

Naturally watering your garden with rainwater can be the best option because rainwater contains macro-nutrients that plants need to thrive. It can be a great option to use the water from your gutter for your garden but it’s best to make sure that your gutter system is clean and clear of any type of debris.


Clogged gutters and down pipes can cause excess water to pool into the yard or garden and this excess water can lead to soil erosion. Soil erosion means that the excess water can wash away soil, especially the topsoil which is the best and most nutrient-rich soil useful for plant growth. 

Routine maintenance is your best bet to keep a nice yard and garden but if you notice clogs happening more often than you would like, it may be time to contact the professionals! If you are interested in professional gutter cleaning services, contact The Gutters Guy and allow our experienced technicians to help, leaving your gutters and your home looking better than ever!